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Protecting the Chassis
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After the chassis was repaired, I decided to strip it down completely and take it off to be grit blasted. After numerous phone calls to the various local blast cleaning  companies in the yellow pages, I eventually found one that would do the job. So the chassis was loaded up onto the trailer and off it went one snowy morning to be sandblasted.

I also took the opportunity to get as many bits as possible sandblasted as well, well worth the extra couple of ponds!

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The chassis came up very nice in deed and did not show up any other areas of concern - thankfully! 

MJB Blasting service deserve a mention here, they managed to turn everything around within a week and  allowed delivery and collection outside their normal business hours and even opened up on a Saturday just  so I could deliver the chassis! Top Blokes!! - Reasonably priced too (check the Services page).

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First thing to do was give everything three coats of acid etch primer. This will give a good key for the finish coat.
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Finally three coats of a synthetic polymer based gloss coat. 

Everything will be coated with a mist of wax oil once it has been reassembled as the final part of the protection scheme.