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Chassis repairs

With the body off the chassis was the repaired by cutting the two tubes either side attaching the the outriggers to the chassis at the front as close to the chassis as possible then, the center tube was then cut, followed by the outrigger to rear trailing arm tube joint. This was done after the location of the tube were carefully noted and as many measurements taken as necessary.

All the cuts were then cleaned up with the angle grinder and any remains of the plastic coating removed around where the new tube sections were to be welded.

The new tube sections 38mm 14 gauge were then cut, the ends profiled to fit and welded in place. Wherever possible the joints was sleeved with a smaller diameter tube of the same gauge to reinforce the joint.

The seatbelt anchoring points were then made using some 50 x 3mm flat bar bent to suit and then welded in place, The holes for the seatbelt bolts will be drilled when the body is replaced to avoid any alignment problems.

Finally the front body mounts were cut out of 3mm thick sheet and welded in place, again the holes for the bolts will be drilled when the body is replaced.