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The Car as I got it

22-12-02-01.JPG (73944 bytes) 22/12/2002

The day we bought it.


22-12-02-02.JPG (66119 bytes)
22-12-02-03.JPG (67160 bytes) Brother-in-law explaining to the wife what a good buy I've got.
25-12-02-03.JPG (417994 bytes) 25/12/2002

After a good spit & polish, shame about the weather!


25-12-02-05.JPG (407171 bytes)
30-12-02-08.JPG (58863 bytes) Front End Damage

Not the end of the world though!

30-12-02-02.JPG (73549 bytes) The Interior

Note the flaking veneer, but on the whole very tidy


30-12-02-03.JPG (57553 bytes)
30-12-02-04.JPG (54931 bytes)
30-12-02-05.JPG (62115 bytes)
30-12-02-09.JPG (65526 bytes) The Rear Trailing Arm

Note the hole!

30-12-02-07.JPG (65379 bytes) The Near Side Outrigger

Totally gone around the Body Mount


30-12-02-06.JPG (66321 bytes) The Off Side Outrigger

Pretty much the same