How do you turn a perfectly good Suzuki Samurai van into a pick-up?

Here's how!

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4X4-002.JPG (32684 bytes) 1, Remove front wings and disconnect engine bay wiring loom.
4X4-003.JPG (49460 bytes) 2, Unbolt Body and attach straps.
4X4-004.JPG (48491 bytes) 3, Lift body clear of chassis using suitable lifting equipment.
4X4-005.JPG (19701 bytes) 4, Reinforce chassis prior to rebuild.
4X4-006.JPG (32077 bytes) 5, Carefully mark body and cut off un-wanted sections.
4X4-007.JPG (36578 bytes) 6, After much sweating sit back and admire handy work.
4X4-008.JPG (34368 bytes) 7, Position cut section on a previously prepared donor body.
4X4-009.JPG (29274 bytes) 8, Weld in place.
4X4-010.JPG (17863 bytes)  4X4-011.JPG (21075 bytes) 9, After back window section has been welded in place, coat liberally with primer.
4X4-012.JPG (29202 bytes) 10, Employ every available person to help rub down.
4X4-013.JPG (35405 bytes) 11, Apply undercoat.
4X4-014.JPG (46425 bytes)  4X4-015.JPG (47752 bytes) 12, Gloss coat has been applied, refit body to chassis.
4X4-016.JPG (29731 bytes) 13, Refit front wings and engine bay wiring loom.
4X4-017.JPG (29293 bytes) 14, After final painting take to event....
4X4-018.JPG (26123 bytes)  4X4-019.JPG (43921 bytes)  4X4-020.JPG (37325 bytes) .....and show off your handy work.

Easy, isn't it?