This was the first real outing in the Locost, it was also one of the hottest days of the year and my youngest daughter's birthday. I was under strict instructions to be back in time for the party. I was doughtfull we would get there when the temperature gauge buried itself in the red - turned out to be a loose earth connection!


mvc-260f.jpg (103160 bytes) Chris, a very good friend and guinea pig passenger for the day. mvc-261f.jpg (103089 bytes) Me and the little rocket. mvc-262f.jpg (102000 bytes) Not out of place in the growing lineup.
mvc-263f.jpg (76695 bytes) Which keeps growing. mvc-264f.jpg (67224 bytes) Nice example of a cobra replica - ah one day! mvc-265f.jpg (106029 bytes) the heart of the beast.
mvc-266f.jpg (91717 bytes) Interesting suspension setup courtessy of ? mvc-267f.jpg (87909 bytes) Another view mvc-269f.jpg (91339 bytes) Possibly the next project.
mvc-271f.jpg (91341 bytes) Chris next to a Range Rover based kit he liked. mvc-272f.jpg (76701 bytes) The Locost section gathering some interest. mvc-273f.jpg (71782 bytes) This one for Chris' daughter - she likes yellow cars!