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Creating the Chassis

Chassis01.jpg (332423 bytes) The chassis was welded on a flat board cutting and  fitting the 1" square box section by hand. Each tube was then clamped into position and tack welded together. 

The vertical tube were held in place by magnetic right angle clamps - well worth the investment.

Once all tubes had been tack welded together, each joint was then fully welded taking care not to miss any welds and alternating between one side of the chassis and the other to minimize distortion due to the heat of welding.

Chassis02.jpg (319895 bytes)
Chassis03.jpg (315620 bytes)
Chassis04.jpg (334821 bytes) Once the all the chassis tubes were welded together the floor was welded in place, I used the the roof of the donaor car to provide the material.

Then the in-fill pieces by the wheel arches were fully welded

Chassis05.jpg (344886 bytes)
Chassis06.jpg (339944 bytes)
Chassis07.jpg (365489 bytes)
Chassis08.jpg (362307 bytes)
Chassis09.jpg (363205 bytes) The upper and lower rear tube were bent (by hand in a vice) and welded in place. After that the wishbones, trailing arms and panard rod were trial positioned and the bracket tack welded the fully welded in place. A tip here is not to fabricate the wishbones from flat bar but to use some 2" box section instead, drill the holes for the bolts then cut one face away - far easier!
Chassis10.jpg (316392 bytes) Once all the brackets had been welded in place the chassis was then give a couple of coats of enamel paint.


And there it was completed.

Chassis11.jpg (282692 bytes)
Chassis12.jpg (336154 bytes)
Chassis13.jpg (326346 bytes)
Chassis14.jpg (322558 bytes)